Pitchwerks Podcast #68: sciVelo Commercial Translation with Don Taylor and Alyssa Lypson

sciVelo pitches translational work to Pitchwerks

sciVelo - Science Velocity - Making Science Happen!

Pitchwerks Podcast host, Scot MacTaggart, interviewed sciVelo's Executive Director, Don Taylor and Marketing and Communications Manager, Alyssa Lypson, to explore sciVelo's innovative approach to disrupt academia's medical commercial translation at the University of Pittsburgh. Listen in to learn how sciVelo funnels basic science and early-stage translational science to the Innovation Institute and Office of Corporate Engagement to yield research of clinical impact.
"This week’s show proves that no matter what field you’re in, it has a lot of parallels with other fields. Our guests for this episode are Alyssa and Don from SciVelo, a unique organization affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. SciVelo calls their work “commercial translation” - and it’s not what you think. Rather than translating between spoken languages, SciVelo translates the work of one set of professionals for use by others, specializing in the research work done at Pitt. Pitchwerks listeners should hear a number of interesting things, especially how the SciVelo team organizes its inventory, its prospects and its opportunities like any other business.”

“We aim to take [Pitt’s basic scientific and clinical research] inventory and pull it together into a story to express the significance of the research and communicate that to the right industry partners at the right time to get industry researchers collaborating with our University researchers. From there we can publish and use those results to obtain research grants. Industry partners can then take that knowledge and help advance their products and services.”

--Don Taylor, PhD, MBA, MS
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