Pitt Innovation Challenge 2018

What is your idea to improve human performance?

The Pitt Innovation Challenge 2018 is focused on generating creative, personalized solutions addressing problems associated with human performance. We mean performance in the broadest possible sense. This can be related to performance in the setting of everyday health or also in the setting of a chronic disease. Multiple individual project awards ranging from $25,000 to $125,000!

Solutions involving respiratory health and/or sleep are eligible for an additional award of $25,000. To learn more about the Bonus Award, visit http://www.pinch.pitt.edu/bonus.htm.

The finalists to compete for funding through this year's PInCh have been announced! Visit www.pinch.pitt.edu to learn more.

The sciVelo team, in collaboration with the CTSI and Innovation Institute, has played a significant role in mentoring the 2018 PInCh applicants and competitors throughout each round. We thank our sciVelo-CTSI team for their hard work and support - Aneesh Ramaswamy, MS, Andrew Brown, PhD, Alyssa Lypson, MS, Danielle Minteer, PhD, and Gabriella DiBernardo.