Our Values

Our mission

sciVelo is part of the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences and accelerates research of impact to market-oriented solutions. sciVelo provides hands-on guidance to investigators for innovation development, translational funding, translational development, and connecting translational research to commercialization services in the Pittsburgh region.

Academic Commercial Translation is the process by which basic scientific and clinical research is framed, structured, funded, and converted into translational research projects –a function performed by sciVelo and otherwise known as top-of-the-funnel or translational development.

Our values

1. Proactive: We identify promising translational research in the life and health sciences that might otherwise go unnoticed. We actively engage early-stage investigators and cultivate relationships, building a support system that sustains momentum towards long-term goals.

2. Goal-Oriented: We work with investigators and key stakeholders to plan and execute achievable goals for commercial translation. Through our forward-thinking guidance, we are able to provide investigators with structure as they navigate uncharted territories during their commercialization journey.

3. Agile: Our teams merge their scientific and business acumen to deliver comprehensive expertise and novel viewpoints that continue driving projects forward despite unprecedented changes.

4. Collaborative: Our team members are diverse in their experiences and skillsets, enabling us to foster relationships between investigators and commercial translation partners around common goals and shared wins.

5. Growth-Minded: Working with sciVelo helps investigators and our team members develop their careers by playing active roles in commercial translation projects. We strive to provide our team members with enriching experiences that are tailored towards their career goals.

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