Our values

Scientists are comfortable navigating through the unknowns of academic research with curiosity and a pioneering spirit. But the less traveled road from a scientific idea to a market-oriented solution requires more than scientific expertise and rigor. At sciVelo, we provide commercial translation guidance to move research projects towards clinical application. Our work ethic is grounded in our core values – proactive, goal-oriented, agile, collaborative, and growth-minded.
Like our collaborators and partners, we had to quickly adjust and pivot when the COVID-19 pandemic closed offices and research labs on the Pitt campus. We used this unexpected change to come together as a team and to rethink our work ethic and the culture we strive to create. One of the most important accomplishments during the early days of the pandemic was to thoughtfully identify our core values.
Our core values and purpose statement were identified through a series of surveys, workshops, and discussions with sciVelo team members, as well as Pitt faculty, advisors, and collaborators across the region. We discovered how the Pitt commercial translation community views our work, and we compared these sentiments with our strategic goals. Being intentional about this process helped us integrate diverse voices into our values.

“Even the process of characterizing our core values embodied several of the attributes we ended up defining as integral to sciVelo culture. I was given the opportunity to grow professionally by leading this initiative where I designed several interactive workshops and feedback surveys. We used a very collaborative approach to solicit feedback from numerous stakeholders and rapidly iterated on ideas and phrasing with agility. By using these core values in practice, we were able to achieve our goal of distilling the essence of sciVelo into easily digestible nuggets to concisely convey our culture.”

Karen Carney, PhD, Senior Commercial Translation Associate

At sciVelo we believe in commercial translation as a disciplined process to catalyze research discoveries into clinical applications. Our goal is to bridge the gap between translational research in the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences and market-ready solutions. Guided by our core values, we help expand the reach of scientific breakthroughs for the benefit of our local scientific and healthcare communities.


We identify promising translational research in the life and health sciences that might otherwise go unnoticed. We actively engage early-stage investigators and cultivate relationships, building a support system that sustains momentum towards long-term goals.


We work with investigators and key stakeholders to plan and execute achievable goals for commercial translation. Through our forward-thinking guidance, we are able to provide investigators with structure as they navigate uncharted territories during their commercial translation journey.

“The sciVelo team engaged with our team and collaborated to transform an early scientific question into a business that can benefit patients and provide value to stakeholders. For example, sciVelo guided our project after we received funding through the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, ensuring that we met every milestone and had the resources we needed.”

Parthasarathy Thirumala, MD



Our teams merge their scientific and commercial translation acumen to deliver comprehensive expertise and novel viewpoints that continue driving projects forward despite unprecedented changes.


Our team members are diverse in their experiences and skillsets, enabling us to foster relationships between investigators and commercial translation partners around common goals and shared wins. We have established collaborations with the McGowan Institute, the Innovation Institute, UPMC Enterprises, and many others, to create a comprehensive knowledge base and support system.


Working with sciVelo helps investigators and our team members develop their careers by playing active roles in commercial translation projects. We strive to provide our team members with enriching experiences that are tailored towards their career goals.

“Ever since I joined SciVelo, I have felt that the team and organization was committed to my success. The team is full of extremely accomplished PhD’s and graduate students, but never once did I feel out of place. In fact, every member of the team treated me as an equal, and helped me not only develop my professional skills, but also recognize my own strengths and gain confidence.”

Aamil Shah, Junior Commercial Translation Associate

Defining our values has helped us to find focus and motivation in challenging times. More importantly, our values have become a foundation for the personal and professional growth of our team members. After more than one year of working remotely, our purpose and mission have not changed. With our values as a guide, our team is well-prepared to support academic commercial translation at Pitt in the post-pandemic world.
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