Commercial Translation Aims

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Addressing Unmet Needs within Pitt Health Sciences’ New Commercial Translation Architecture

Activating Faculty Engagement of Translational Research from their Basic Research

Of the thousands of Health Sciences researchers, only a fraction self-select for engaging Translational Research. Guided by the seven commercial translation themes, sciVelo proactively partners with researchers and helps them frame their basic scientific and clinical research in the context of commercial endpoints. Activities include scientific and business working sessions with investigators to help them identify meaningful experimental endpoints that industry will value. In this segment the primary purpose is to identify how the basic scientific research could fill industry research needs.

Structuring Corporate Sponsored Research Agreements

Once the initial Translational Research scope has been developed, both funding that research and ensuring consistent alignment with industry needs become paramount. The sciVelo team facilitates the direct connection with suitable industry collaborators and manages the strategic relationship building and core scientific and business terms that will achieve the best outcomes in partnership with the Office of Corporate Engagement.

Advancing Translational Research Projects into the Translational Development Phase

Not all Translational Research projects sponsored by industry (or other) will precipitate further research and development suitable for later-stage licensing and new company formation. For those Translational Research projects that do have further commercialization potential, sciVelo will assist those research teams with entering the Translational Development phase and reducing to practice the right scope of development that will best meet the industry needs. Although this phase is largely managed by sciVelo, there is close alignment and collaboration with many University commercialization stakeholders, such as the Innovation Institute.

These stakeholders will require these early insights into the “top of the funnel” pipeline so that they can prepare the downstream commercial translation activities such as licensing, new company formation, and innovation district development.