Meet Our Commercial Translators

Executive Director

Donald P. Taylor, PhD, MBA, CLP

Founder & Executive Director

Assistant Directors

Andrew Brown, PhD

Assistant Director, Commercial Translation Programs

Kathrin Gassei, PhD

Assistant Director, Commercial Translation Architecture

Commercial Translation Program Managers

Kathrin Gassei, PhD

Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data Senior Program Manager

Jeremy Kimmel, PhD

Pediatric Device Initiative Program Manager

Ross Beresford

sciVelo-Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh Program Manager

Joe Salsovic

Clinical and Translational Science Institute Program Manager

Vinitha Ganesan, PhD

Precision Medicine Initiative for Commercialization (PreMIC) Program Manager

Nairita Roy, PhD

Precision Medicine Initiative for Commercialization (PreMIC) Assistant Program Manager

Ray Funahashi, MD

Drug Delivery Program Manager

Commercial Translation Architects

William (Bill) Tennant

Commercial Translation Architect

Commercial Translation Associates

Matt Sundermann, PhD

Commercial Translation Associate

Karen Carney, PhD

Commercial Translation Associate

Joe Maggiore

Commercial Translation Associate

Nick Wechter

Junior Commercial Translation Associate

Jeremy Reimenschneider

Commercial Translation Intern

Aamil Shah

Junior Commercial Translation Associate

Charles Mensah

Junior Commercial Translation Associate


Morgan Matthews

Junior Commercial Translation Associate


Allie Heymann

Junior Commercial Translation Associate


Susannah Waxman

Junior Commercial Translation Associate


Tyler Fortuna

Precision Medicine Initiative for Commercialization (PreMIC) Junior Commercial Translation Associate

Commercial Translation Operations Team

Allison Brown

Marketing and Communications Associate

Elena Liguori

Marketing and Communications Associate

Hiba Al-Ashtal, PhD

Marketing and Communications Associate

sciVelo Alumni

Heather Bansbach, PhD

Licensing Associate, UVA Licensing & Ventures Group

Megan Breski, PhD, MS

Scientific Communicator and Consultant, Mwaldman, LLC

Max Dizard,MBA

Product Manager, Medic Mobile

Katie Farraro, PhD, MS

Staff Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Stryker

Matt Leming, PhD

Founder and Principal Consultant, Cinnabar Spring

Joseph Shawky, PhD, MEng

Consultant of Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte

Bradley Campbell, PhD

Senior Consultant of Mergers & Acquisitions, Cognizant

Daniel Martin

Finance Leadership Development Program, Siemens Healthineers

Matthew Vendeville, MPH

Programmatic and SEM Analyst, CMI Media

Chelsea Stillman, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychology

Marissa Kuzirian, PhD

Patent Agent, Troutman Pepper

Julie Cramer, PhD, MS

Technology Commercialization Associate, University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

Gabriella DiBernardo

Laboratory Production Manufacturing Assistant, Cook Myosite

Erik Ziegler, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Resident, University of Pittsburgh/UPMC

Cassandra Happe, PhD

Research Program Administrator, UPMC

Vaishali Shetty

Systems Engineer, Varian Medical Systems

Jonquil R. Mau, PhD, MS

Regulatory Scientist, Regulatory and Quality Solutions, LLC

Abby Stahl

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley

Alyssa Lypson, PhD, MS

Ophthalmology Medical Science Liaison, Allergan

Drew Bradshaw

Graduate Research Fellow, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

James Eles, PhD

Data Scientist, NNData

Amy Hill

Associate Project Engineer, Globus Medical

Arnav Jain

Technology Advisory, PwC

Jamie O'Sullivan

Undergraduate Student, Ohio State University

Sophie Gysling

Undergraduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Xingchen Zhao

Undergraduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Peter Kant, MA

Project Manager, University of Pittsburgh

Ryan Staudt

Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Aneesh Ramaswamy, PhD, MS

Commercial Translation Project Manager, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

Danielle M. Minteer, PhD

Scheme Manager - Soft Tissue Implants, BSI

Jasmien Roosenboom, PhD, MS

Analyst, inThought Research

Amber Ohiokpehai, MS

Strategic Process Improvement and Innovation Advisor, CVS Health

Srujan Dadi

University of Pittsburgh

Marlo Garrison

Product Lifecycle Engineer, Illumina

Ayantika (Annie) Ghosh, PhD, MS

Licensing Associate, Office of Technology Commercialization, Purdue University

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