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The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) serves as an integral and widespread resource to Pitt’s Health Sciences investigators for the development and clinical translation of diverse and innovative technologies.  CTSI has partnered with sciVelo to bridge the gap between benchtop research and clinical application.  sciVelo has provided significant support to the CTSI-funded Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh) by working closely with CTSI facilitators, as well as, applicants and competition winners.  This support resulted in the development of technology pitches for six PInCh applicants and the acceleration of nine PInCh project teams towards their translational goals as part of the 2016 competition. The projects are diverse in their commercialization stage and clinical concentration, spanning from: a cardiac targeting peptide for imaging or therapeutic application, a wearable-based and machine learning-supported stress relief technology, an extracellular matrix (ECM) technology for esophageal repair, a resorbable stent to repair blood vessel obstruction, a compact and easy to carry oxygen tank, and a novel means of ophthalmic therapeutic delivery.

The efforts of sciVelo towards these teams has resulted in two new company formations, increased technology visibility and awareness, and additional funding for several projects.  Additionally, sciVelo has connected several of these project investigators to various resources within and outside of the University of Pittsburgh to provide further commercial translation support including the Innovation Institute’s First Gear Program, Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data funding, UPMC Enterprises, access to intellectual property and regulatory experts, local software developer contracts, and additional funding resources.

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