Translational Research Themes

Digital Health

The Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data (CCA), Pitt's arm of the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance (PHDA), works with University investigators to translate their innovative research into digital health projects with commercial translation endpoints. The CCA/sciVelo team has supported over 90 projects since CCA's founding in 2015 resulting in sixteen early stage research awardees and one start-up company.

Regenerative Medicine

sciVelo partners with the Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Dental, Oral, Craniofacial Resource Center and the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine to frame tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research projects through a market-needs focused lens. sciVelo has helped to obtain funding and ensure successful project execution for over 15 regenerative medicine projects through the Pediatric Device Initiative in partnership with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine encompasses clinical strategies that deliver diagnoses, prognoses or therapies to patients in a manner that is optimized based on personalized factors, such as genomics, proteomics or highly descriptive phenotypic information. sciVelo facilitates Pitt's precision medicine research that consists of clinical, basic scientific and translational research projects that generate new knowledge or technologies that may ultimately be developed and transferred into clinical practice as guidelines, diagnostic tests, drugs or medical devices.

Drug Discovery

sciVelo’s Drug Discovery theme assists Pitt researchers developing novel small molecule and biologic candidates for pharmaceutical intervention. We assist faculty in developing commercial translation roadmaps towards clinical use by connecting them with contract research organizations, industry sponsored research collaborators, FDA regulatory specialists, as needed.

Cell Therapy

sciVelo’s Regenerative Cell Therapy theme is focused on accelerating Pitt’s numerous translational research projects in this space towards clinical impact. Pitt researchers have performed many clinical trials to establish the safety and efficacy of regenerative cell and tissue therapies using autologous cell harvesting techniques, both with and without isolation and expansion of stem cell populations. These approaches have been used in patients to treat fat pad atrophy, volumetric muscle loss, burns, stroke and other conditions.


sciVelo supports over 20 immunotherapy-related commercial translation projects with clinical applications in cancer, transplant, aging, autoimmune conditions, sepsis, and contact dermatitis and therapeutic modalities including engineered T cells, drug/device combination products, vaccines and genomics-guided treatment stratification tools. Pitt’s immunotherapy research portfolio is primed for industry sponsored research collaborations and commercialization due to its strong engagement with clinical collaborators at UPMC and existing partnerships with the biotech industry.

Brain Health

The Brain Health theme encompasses research that develops treatments for and monitoring of conditions that affect Brain Health by engaging with existing commercial translation and Brain Health partners on Pitt's campus. Research areas include, but are not limited to, neurodegenerative disorders, neural prosthetics, general health and well-being.