Cell Therapy Initiative

J. Peter Rubin
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sciVelo’s Regenerative Cell Therapy theme is focused on accelerating Pitt’s numerous regenerative cell and tissue therapy translational research projects towards clinical impact. Pitt researchers have performed many clinical trials to establish the safety and efficacy of these therapies using various autologous cell harvesting techniques, both with and without isolation and expansion of stem cell populations. These therapies have been used to treat plantar fat pad atrophy, volumetric muscle loss, burns, stroke and other conditions. Earlier stage translational research projects have investigated regenerative cell therapies for use in treating or curing diabetes and liver disease. Despite pre-clinical and clinical successes, regenerative cell therapies face significant and unique hurdles in regulatory strategy, scalability of clinical implementation, and commercialization.

sciVelo has partnered with Pitt researchers and UPMC leadership to aid in the development of a roadmap to support clinical deployment of regenerative cell and tissue therapies, with a focus on defining the commercial translation roadmap of each projects.

sciVelo has worked with Drs. J. Peter Rubin and Lauren Kokai since early on in their Regenerative Cell and Tissue Therapy Service Line strategic development. sciVelo was first introduced to Dr. Rubin through the Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data program, where we helped to create a compelling investor pitch and supervise project execution of his Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Platform (PUMP). Several other regenerative cell therapy investigators were also engaged with sciVelo through commercial translation programs we support.

Dr. Rubin reached out to sciVelo to request assistance in developing and deploying a framework to concisely communicate the potential clinical and financial impact of accelerating existing regenerative cell and tissue therapies towards widespread use.

“We partnered with sciVelo to help develop a Pitt/UPMC Directory for Regenerative Cell Therapy. This directory aims to increase collaborators and combine resources whenever possible through identification of those active in the field. sciVelo’s knowledge of the faculty landscape active in regenerative cell therapy was valuable in producing this directory in a matter of weeks.”

– J. Peter Rubin, MD, FACS
UPMC Endowed Professor of Plastic Surgery and Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery

sciVelo has leveraged our experiences in framing translational research projects through a market and clinical needs-focused lens to assess four of these translational research projects in support of a broader regenerative cell and tissue therapy roadmap. These efforts led to two strategic working sessions to identify existing resources and current resource and knowledge gaps in the regenerative cell and tissue therapy landscape at Pitt.

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