CCA 2020 Funding Opportunities

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The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance’s Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data (CCA) seeks applications biannually for early-stage translational research projects that may advance toward commercial translation through technology licensing and new company formation.

See the funding announcement for more information.
CCA 2020 Spring Funding Announcement

Download the application template, and apply today!
CCA 2020 Spring Application

Application deadline for the initial proposals is May 8, 2020 and for final proposals is June 19, 2020.  Please direct questions and submit applications to Andrew Brown, Assistant Director Commercial Translation Programs, at

About the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance
The Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance brings together UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University to improve human wellness through new data-driven healthcare solutions. The CCA is the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance’s presence at the University of Pittsburgh, supporting investigators across campus and in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Machine Learning and Health. The CCA is housed in the Department of Biomedical Informatics managed by sciVelo.

To learn more about sciVelo’s partnership with the CCA, visit CCA Program Outcomes.