sciVelo is a University of Pittsburgh commercial translation program born out of the Health Sciences. Our goal is to promote a culture of academic commercial translation through a multidisciplinary team of scientists, commercial technologists, clinicians, intellectual property experts, and business development professionals.

At sciVelo, we foster collaboration and empower our commercial translators to achieve their career goals.  This is accomplished through our select team of highly motivated experts.

What We Value in our Commercial Translators

  • A passion for commercializing great translational research that intersects unmet clinical needs
  • An entrepreneurial nature and ability to fluidly fluctuate between high-level strategic development, and role-up-your sleeves style execution
  • A strong interest in opportunities to get out of your comfort zone to obtain rapid professional growth
  • A desire to keep pace with the latest trends and thought-leaders in healthcare innovation
  • Comfortable interacting with a wide variety of faculty, staff, students and business executives

Current Opportunities

New team members will focus in one of the following areas with the goal of differentiating themselves as they move toward their next career step:

Commercial Translation General Support

Responsibilities include:

  • Translational Portfolio and Investment Strategy Development
  • Project management
  • Strategic intellectual property planning
  • Project-specific Funding

Commercial Translation Support for the Dental, Oral, Craniofacial Resource Center

Responsibilities include:

  • Intellectual Property Landscape Evaluation and Strategy Development
  • Project-specific Commercial Translation Critical Path Evaluation and Strategy Development
  • Translational Research Portfolio and Investment Strategy Management


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