Amy Hill

Junior Commercial Translation Associate

Supporting commercial translation project management within sciVelo’s collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Advancing commercial translation outcome management through a customized, cloud-based database.

Undergraduate Student in Bioengineering

Studying biomechanics with an emphasis on Tissue and Fluid Mechanics

Education and Experience

Amy Hill has always had an interest in improving healthcare. She switched her major from Biology to Bioengineering after realizing her passion for math and design. Amy is working towards the completion of her BS in Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Her concentration is Biomechanics, with a minor in Mechanical Engineering, focused on Fluid Mechanics. She has held mentorship roles in her lab experience and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for an introductory Cellular Biology course. She worked in the Soft Tissue Biomechanics Lab, with Dr. Jonathan Vande Geest, at Pitt for two years, where she studied the changes in protein regulation and mechanical tissue response with respect to ocular tissue. Amy spent two months abroad in Singapore working in the Biofluid Mechanics Research Laboratory at NUS. Here, she computationally modeled coronary stents and performed analyses using the finite element method. This experience motivated her to learn about clinical translation processes and how that drives device design.


BS, Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh, Expected: Spring 2019

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research, Soft Tissue Biomechanics Lab, University of Pittsburgh Supervisor: Jonathan Vande Geest, PhD
  • Design and development of a decellularization protocol for ocular tissue
  • Comparison of gene expression in cells native to ocular tissue for populations at increased risk for glaucoma
  • Pressure inflation testing along with 2D and 3D strain quantification of ocular tissue
Undergraduate Research, Bio Fluid Mechanics Lab, National University of Singapore
  • Investigation of multiple strategies in modeling an expandable stent by finite element method
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Megan Breski, MS

Clinical and Translational Science Institute Program Manager

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