Alyssa Lypson, PhD, MS

Alyssa Lypson

Pediatric Health Program Manager

Pediatric health lead at the Center for Pediatric Innovation in John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Provides educational & commercial translation services to researchers & clinicians in developing new technologies that address unmet clinical needs.

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Education & Experience

Alyssa brings both clinical and scientific expertise to the sciVelo team. By working alongside cardiologists, internists and pediatricians to deliver and maintain standards of care, she gained a strong knowledge set in clinical care, disease diagnosis/management and payer strategy. Her graduate research focused on bioorganic chemistry of proteins, applying structurally modified peptide derivatives as systems to study folding behavior and control with applications in drug-receptor binding for therapeutic innovation. While developing a novel biomimetic molecular tool, Alyssa also gained experience in research collaboration, project and lab management and science communication. In addition, she dedicated herself to teaching and mentoring students. Alyssa was honored for her teaching efforts as a recipient of the Safford Award for Education Excellence by the University of Pittsburgh, as well as, Science Communication Fellowship Award by Phipps Conservatory and Pacific Science Center.

Prior to her current position, Alyssa served as Health Sciences Marketing Manager and Junior Commercial Translation Architect at sciVelo. These roles involved developing and executing initiatives to engage the regional medical/scientific community and potential industry sponsors, as well as, collaborating with research investigators to advance commercial opportunities from basic and translational science research.


PhD, Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
MS, Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
BS, Biochemistry, Allegheny College

Research Experience

Graduate Research, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Wilcox & Horne Groups

  • PhD Dissertation: Engineering a Beta–Turn Mimetic Torsion Balance for Conformational Control: Design, Synthetic Strategies, and NMR Analysis
  • MS Thesis: Synthesis toward a Conformationally Controlled β–Turn Mimetic Torsion Balance
  • Lypson, AB.; Wilcox, CS. “Axial chirality induction in symmetrical biphenyls with a C-O axis,” J. Am. Chem. Soc. [submitted]
  • Lypson, AB.; Wilcox, CS. “Synthesis and NMR analysis of a conformationally controlled beta-turn mimetic torsion balance,” J. Org. Chem., 2017, 82 (2), 898-909.
  • Lypson, AB.; Wilcox, CS. “Synthesis and NMR analysis of a conformationally controlled beta-turn mimetic torsion balance.” Abstr. Pap. Am. Chem. Soc., 252nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Philadelphia, PA, August 21–25, 2016; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, USA, 2016; ORGN–194.
    • Distinguished as top 10% of papers in organic chemistry division
  • NSF S-STEM Fellowship
  • Lauren H. Ashe Memorial Fund Merit Fellowship
  • Mass Spectrometry Assistant

Undergraduate Research, Department of Biochemistry, Allegheny College
Serra Group

  • Senior Thesis: Thermodynamic Investigation of Group III Single Nucleotide Bulge Loops in RNA Duplexes

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Experience, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
Teaching Assistant and Fellow

  • Safford Award for Excellence as a Graduate Student Teacher, 2015

Undergraduate Teaching Experience, Department of Biochemistry, Allegheny College
Teaching Assistant & Workshop Leader

Clinical Experience

UPMC South Side and Ohio Valley Hospital Outpatient Center (f/k/a Practice of Jalit Tuchinda, M.D., P.C.)
Medical Liaison

  • Member of a dynamic team of healthcare professionals to support delivery and maintenance of quality personalized healthcare for 20-40 patients per day in therapeutics areas such as internal medicine, cardiovascular/metabolic diseases and pediatrics

Responsibilities included but were not limited to:
• Medical communication
• Patient counseling
• EMR documentation/medical transcription
• Point-of-care testing (POCT)

Commercial Translation Experience

Junior Commercial Translation Architect, sciVelo, University of Pittsburgh